Active Aquatics Restricted Service Child
Active Aquatics Restricted Service Child
Active Aquatics Restricted Service Child

Active Aquatics (Children)

Frequently asked questions...

Can parents spectate the lessons? 

No, unfortunately with new rulings at the centre’s parents/guardians must leave the premises once their child/children have changed and handed over to our instructors for their lesson. Only one parent/ guardian can accompany the child/children into the centre, sibling and additional persons will have to wait outside or stay at home. When the lessons are finished one parent/guardian will be allowed to re enter the centre to collect their child/children. 

Can siblings or another person be in the centre while I am getting my child changed? 

No, as stated above only one person may accompany their child/ children who are attending a lesson. No other members of the public may enter the building. Staff have the right to refuse entry to anyone not adhering to these rules. 

Can swimmers use the changing rooms/lockers? 

Swimmers will be asked to turn up ‘beach’ ready. Swimmers are permitted to use the changing rooms. There is a restricted access to lockers please ask the centre you attend what their policy is as this will be different in each centre. If lockers are not available, you will be asked to take your child/children’s clothes with you when you leave the changing rooms. Please DO NOT leave any items in the changing rooms as they will be cleaned after they have been used. 

Are swimmers allowed to shower before and after the lessons? 

Please check with the centre you will be attending or the Active Aquatics team as there are different policies on showering in different centres. At every site it will not be permitted to use shampoo, condition or body wash. 

Will the centre have regular cleaning protocol in place? 

After each lesson the pool area and changing rooms will be shut for 30 minutes, all areas including swimming equipment will be cleaned thoroughly before the next set of swimmers arrive. 

I forgotten what stage my child is in what do I do? 

Before you book on to the new phased programme please email the Active Aquatics team on with your child/children’s full name, leisure centre they normally attend, and the day and time they previously attended (if remembered) we will then check our system and email you back. We are trying to keep our phonelines free for people booking on to the programme. 

Once I have booked a space is that my child’s space throughout this phase? 

The new phased return to swimming lessons is based on a first come first served bases. You will have to re book lessons every week. This is so all our members have a fair chance of accessing our lessons. We also appreciate this new set up may not be to everybody’s liking. This programme is also subject to change. 

When is the cut off for the booking a lesson? 

The booking for following weeks lessons will be every Friday at 2pm. 

How will the centre handle social distancing in the lessons? 

We ask that all our customers adhere to the social distancing rules in the leisure centres, keeping 2 metres apart from other customers. While our lessons are active, the public will not have access to the pool. The Aquatics team will have full use of the pools and this will enable us to adhere to social distancing rules while conducting lessons. Swimmers will have enough space and will be reminded throughout their lessons to keep their distance. Lessons will be adapted so this can happen effectively. 

I have forgotten to book on can I attend the same lessons as I attended last week? 

Anyone who has not pre-booked before the cut-off date (every Friday 2pm) via the Active Aquatics will not be allowed into the centre. Our Aquatics instructors have the right to refuse entry to anyone who has not pre-booked lessons with the Active Aquatics team. 

How do I pay? 

You will be asked to pay at the leisure centre by a contactless method. No cash will be accepted at the leisure centres. 

What happens if I cannot make any of the lesson’s time/days? 

Unfortunately, if you cannot attend the new phased return to swimming programme, you will have to wait for Active Aquatics full programme. 

Can swimmers use the pool after their lesson? 

After each lessons no swimmers will be allowed to access the pool. The pool will be used for Active Aquatics lessons only. 

What happens if I miss a lesson that I have pre booked? 

If it is possible please let us know in advance if you have booked a lesson and you realise you can no longer attend. If this is a last-minute occurrence, please send us a quick email so we can update our records. If you constantly book lessons and do not turn up, you will not be 

able to book any further lessons for this new phased programme. Our instructors will also be noting customers who have not turned up to pre booked lessons. 

When will beginner, pre-school, Adult and Child, Rookie lifeguard and Disability lessons be starting again? 

As this is a phased return, we will not be reinstating these lessons until later in the year. 

When will you be taking on new starters? 

As this is a phased return, we will not be taking any new customers/swimmers on our programme until later in the year. 

Do we queue up for the lessons? Where do I queue up? 

Yes, all customers will be asked to queue outside the leisure centres. An Active Aquatics instructor will then lead the queue into reception to pay; from here you will be guided into the changing rooms. Please keep to social distance rules throughout. 

Is there a one-way system? 

Were possible there will be a one-way system, please look out for the arrows on the floor and walls. 

Where do I wait for my child after the lessons? 

Please wait outside 5 minutes prior to your child’s lesson ending. A member of staff from the leisure centre will allow you to enter the centre to collect your Child/Children. Parents/guardians will not be allowed on to pool side please wait in your allocated changing room. 

Will Aquatics instructors have my contact details if they need to contact me during my child lesson? 

Yes, please make sure the Active Aquatics Office team have your up to date contact details so our instructors can contact you in an emergency. 

Will my child be able to borrow goggles? 

Unfortunately, no goggles will be loaned out to any swimmers. 

Will equipment be provided, or will my child have to bring their own? 

Equipment will be provided in all our lesson and be cleaned before and after use. If swimmers wish to bring their own equipment this is permitted. Equipment need to be cleaned and taken home after each lesson. 

What’s the best way to contact the Aquatics team? 

Please contact the Active Aquatics on 0151-934-2927 or via email; 

Will the instructors have my child medical needs before they start their lesson? 

Please update any medical records prior to pre-booking sessions. We will then let your Aquatics instructor know of any medical conditions. 

What if I, my child or a family member has symptoms of Covid 19 or has been in contact with someone with Covid 19 symptoms? 

We are advising all our members to follow the government guidelines and not access our leisure centre if you knowingly have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms or has a confirmed diagnosed of Covid 19. Please self-isolate according to government guidelines. Also please inform the Active Aquatics office team of this so we can update our records for track and trace. 

If I do not want top return to swimming lessons, how do I cancel? 

If you no longer wish to carry on your membership with Active Aquatics please email with your child/children’s full name and the leisure centre they previously attended. All memberships need to be cancelled via email, no cancellations will be taken over the phone, as always, we need written permission to cancel your payment.