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Creative ideas for your functional training rig workout

Working on the functional training rig gives you the best of both worlds. With circuit-based strength workouts, you can get in cardiovascular and strength-based exercise at the same time. But how do you stop it becoming the same workout every time? Take a look at these creative ideas.

We're not talking balancing on a bosu ball on your head, but think about what each station can do other than the obvious. Here are a few examples:

The monkey bars

Usually used for pull ups and travelling forward. Why not add in some simple hangs for grip strength, varying grips (split, overhand, wide, narrow) and durations. You can also play about with travel patterns such as lateral and zig zag.

Battle ropes

These are not only great for the different wave variations you commonly see but they are also great for weaving through the loop attachments you can get on the rig to create a similar exercise pattern to a tug of war.

Dip bars

Yes, you can do triceps dips, but why not play about with the height of the attachment and perform exercises such as isometric holds, press ups, planks, and supine rows.

Step up platform

Also great for lateral step ups, single leg squats, box squats, jumps, press ups, plank variations, and glute bridges.

Pivot attachment

You can do anything from a shoulder press to a squat. You can perform numerous rows and press variations teamed up with a lower body exercises turning it into a complex. The pivot attachment is a great way to add in some rotational and unilateral work into the circuit.

If you are looking for other ideas, just ask one of the Activate Fitness gym staff - they'll be happy to help!

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