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Welcome to

Active Workforce aims to improve the health and wellbeing of our employees.

There are a huge number of well-known and well researched benefits to taking part in physical activities:

  • Increase lean muscle mass 

  • Improve sleep 

  • Assist in weight management 

  • Improve mood 

  • Reduce stress 

  • Improve self-esteem and body confidence 

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  • The option to become a member and enjoy the benefits of eight fantastic leisure centres for a heavily subsidised price of £23 (Activate Anytime membership normally £36). 

  • Access to the Buddy Scheme allowing you to exercise alongside friends or family members at the subsidised rate of £27 

  • Monthly e-newsletters and regular emails giving you access to useful health information, and Active Workforce special offers

  • Free activity taster classes 

  • Free health assessments available to map physiological improvements

Active Workforce

Member Benefits

Employees eligible for Active Workforce membership can access a fantastic range of benefits including heavily subsidised gym memberships - including our 'Buddy Scheme' - support, special offers, health assessments and practical health advice.

Plus, a great range of Active Workforce events and leagues to enter, either as individuals or as workplace teams, including 5K challenge, duathlon, netball, football and much, much more.

  • Access to the free active cycling programmes

  • Weekend and lunchtime walks, both on and off site

  • Virtual Health Seminars including topics such as Stress at Work, Back Care and Menopause

  • Couch to 5K

  • Free health advice, hints and tips

  • Free virtual weight management courses 

  • Active Workforce events, which includes our 5k challenge, duathlon, wipeout and netball tournament

  • Stepometer Challenge

  • Exercise Referral Programme

  • Stress Buster Treatments

  • Virtual Event Programme

Active Workforce

Employer Benefits

What would you get for your money?


  • Reduced absenteeism = reduced sickness absence costs. ​

  • Reduced workplace accidents and injuries. ​

  • Good corporate image – caring employer. ​

  • Improved concentration, motivation and therefore increased productivity and output. ​

  • Healthier employees. ​

  • Happier employees. ​

  • Improved morale in the workplace. ​

  • Loss of fewer experienced staff through retirement on ill-health grounds. ​

  • Helps attract and retain staff. ​

  • Improved employee relations. ​

  • Reduced premiums for health insurance.

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If your business is new to Active Workforce, it couldn't be easier to join. Get in touch with our expert team for a quote bespoke to the needs of you and your workforce.

Can your organisation benefit from Active Workforce?
Contact us today on 0151 934 2079 or by email here.
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Active Workforce


If you are an employee any of the following organisations please register with Active Workforce below to access the programme and benefit your health.

  • Sefton Council

  • Mersey Care NHS Trust

  • Greenbank High School (Southport)

  • Stanley High (Southport)

  • Kew Woods (Southport)

  • Chesterfield High (Crosby)

  • St Michael's High School (Crosby)

  • The Walton Centre (NHS)

  • Sefton Carers

  • Excelsior Vita

If you work for an organisation in Sefton and it isn't listed above, then ask them to contact us to see how they can benefit from the Active Workforce scheme.