The current situation can be very daunting and can take a toll on children’s health and wellbeing. We’ve got some tips to help your family during this pandemic.

Consisting of 6 sessions the programme aims to help encourage children and their families to adopt a healthy lifestyle through offering healthy eating advice along with ideas and ways to increase physical activity.  All sessions are delivered as a 1to1 or family unit.

MOVE IT sessions are available in all Active Sefton leisure centres or through our virtual social media platforms. Each session will vary dependant on individual needs.

MOVE IT in the Community

MOVE IT is a FREE localised community weight management/maintenance service for children and young people aged 5-16 years, who are above their ideal weight and would benefit from a healthy lifestyle intervention programme. 

The programme offers the following 3 elements:

MOVE IT Families 5-6 years 

Up to 3 weeks of healthy eating advice tailored to your family as well as information on physical activity programmes that are available in Sefton and homebased activities.

MOVE IT Families 7-16 years 

6-12 week programme with a qualified personal trainer to include a healthy eating discussion followed by a physical activity element. Activities will be dependent on the child’s age.

MOVE IT 1to1 11-16 years 

One to one sessions over a 6-12 week period with a qualified personal trainer. 

Keeping active can have a positive effect on our physical and mental wellbeing, there’s lots of different ways your family can stay active, here are some tips;

The current situation can influence children’s health and wellbeing in a negative way. These uncertain times can lead to children and young people experiencing levels of stress and anxiety. 

For more tips to help your child cope with stress and anxiety click here.


For more 1-1 advice your child can visit an online counselling and emotional wellbeing platform for children and young people. 

Here are some resources you might find useful.

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