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Fitness Suite and Pool Booking Slots

Updated 10.09.2020.

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Bootle Leisure Centre:   Fitness Suite      Main Pool   

Dunes Splash World:   Fitness Suite      Main Pool

Meadows Leisure Centre: Fitness Suite      Main Pool 

Crosby Lakeside      Litherland Sports Park       Netherton Activity Centre

BLC Gym timetable v4.png
Bootle Leisure Centre Fitness Suite
Bootle Leisure Centre Pool
BLC Pool Timetable 260721.gif
Dunes Splash World Fitness Suite
DSW gym timetable v4.png
Dunes Splash World Pool
DSW pool timetable v4.png
Meadows Lesiure Centre Fitness Suite
MDW Gym timetable v4.png
Meadows Leisure centre Pool
MDW Pool timetable v4.png
Crosby Lakside
CLAC timetable v4.png
Litherland Sports Park
LSP Gym timetable v4.png
Netherton Activity Centre
NAC gym timetable v4.png
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